The crew at sends heartfelt wishes to all of our listeners, sponsors, and partners this holiday season. Whether you celebrate or hibernate, we wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus for the Rest of Us, and Happy New Year! Fresh podcasts will return the week of January 9th with the exception of our addiction recovery content which will continue to update weekly. If you have missed past episodes, they are available on-demand from the major podcast portals below.


Ah, the besetting evil of SELF righteousness. This dubious form of anger can at times be very enjoyable for some – but it has its consequences. Curiously, our natural disposition, rooted in self-centered grandiosity, will reject any rebuke- always finding some form of justification. Uncover with Toby C. the reasons why this most perverse form of soul sickness and its subtle, elusive sense of entitlement, can underlie even the smallest shameful act or thought. Examine together our blind spot to the very thing that we had contemptuously condemned in others - self-righteousness.

The holidays can be a particularly challenging time for those challenged by addiction. Radio111 will continue to feature our extraordinary non-judgmental and positive-reinforcement programs to help listeners to stay on the path of recovery and wellness. In addition to Toby C.'s weekly In This Moment program, we also begin offering 60-sec. Moments of Clarity.

There is an ambush predator lurking in the dark corners of our soul. It’s called BOREDOM.  Left unchecked, this boredom will make your life and your fragile sobriety unmanageable.  An Idle mind is the devil’s playground. The solution to boredom is passion. Whatever we’re doing – we have to make it interesting! Love and tolerance of others is our code – and after that come strategy!  What is going to be your strategy for making sobriety and life INTERESTING? With an engaged and open mind towards others, we begin to develop something called PASSION. It’s this passion that gives the soul a compelling and overwhelming reason to continue healing instead of dying.


Thanksgiving Week

Bonnie G. chats with animal advocate Anna Miller about a wonderful free service she has spearheaded to scan lost pets for chips so they can be reunited with their owners. Jazz pianist/singer Joe Croyle joins her to preview two great new musical jams he's hosting at Woodhaven Country Club and at Jax Restaurant in Cathedral City.  And, crooner Larry Capeloto has just kicked off his 7th season performing at the Indian Wells Resort Hotel. Get the scoop from each of them on Radio111's
The Desert Scene.

Amy Adams is back in Disenchanted, the long-awaited sequel to the 2007 Disney cult classic Enchanted. The lovable Disney Princess Giselle is having new troubles which includes raising a teenager and arguing with Maya Rudolph. She uses magic to resolve her problems which then causes even more problems! Yikes! Brayan Mendoza discusses this film, along with its noticeably lower budget, and stakes. Can the film's wonderfully talented actresses redeem the film? Get the lowdown on Disenchanted on this episode of Flix & Picks.

The Red Tsunami that was pushed by the GOP in the November Mid-Terms failed to materialize. Instead, it was more like a Pink Ripple. Democrats retained control of the U.S. Senate and the GOP turned only enough seats to hold the slimmest of a majority in the House of Representatives. On this final episode of Outspoken until January 2023, the tables have turned and John McMullen guest hosts with Joy Silver in the hot seat for her analysis of elections local, state and national, And, they also talk about lessons from working in the field on campaigns and what new strategies are necessary to preserve democracy.

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